"The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders." - Edward Abbey
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Since my early childhood I had an inclination towards wildlife and nature in general. This urge beckoned me to the natural wilderness to observe and absorb the nature. Unassumingly big cats were the main attraction as they are for most. Growing up in Baroda city, Gujarat, India, I visited the zoo every week and spent hours watching the captive animals.

My aspirations were well rewarded when Late M. A. Rashid, (Retired Special Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife, Gujarat) suggested that I visit the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary near Halol in Gujarat wherein he said is a good number of leopards ‘in the wild’. Complying to his suggestion I wasted no time in commencing excursions to Jambhughoda.

Leopard is an apex predator at Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, and unsurprisingly I picked it up as a subject of study. Thus, I began absorbing what I could about its habit, habitat and the behavior. I regularly ventured into the forests and learned to accept the elusive nature of the animals. Over the years the process of absorption and study spread wide and I began absorbing the behavior of all kinds of mammals, birds, reptiles and flora.

My study was a low profile affair and was totally self funded. I worked as a graphic designer and a commercial artist to meet my ends for the love of nature and wildlife. Years of efforts paid off leading to a positive development of my carrier as a professional ‘Naturalist’.

I now humbly share my experiences and educate others on what little I learned, understood, absorbed and studied about the nature and wildlife.

My efforts and works are dedicated to Late M. A. Rashid who was a naturalist par excellence and my mentor.

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