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On 17th June 2012 the following behaviour of the birds was recorded by Yatin Parikh (School teacher and wildlife photographer) of Gandhinagar and me, Haseeb Shaikh (Naturalist and Coordinator of the Serenity Library, Ahmedabad) at the Aranya Park of the GEER Foundation at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This behaviour was observed and recorded at around 05.30 pm.It was observed on hearing the chattering of a pair of Black Drongos (Dicrurus adsimilis) over their nesting site on the Bawal tree (Acacia […] Continue reading →

I consider myself to be the luckiest employee in this wide world. Every night I wait for the sun to raise next morning so I can rush to my office at ‘Serenity Library’ at 09.00 am. I work as a Naturalist & Coordinator at the ‘Serenity Library’, a ‘state of the art’ organization that propogates & inspires enthusiasts to study and work on wildlife, environment & nature. The Serenity Library sits on 50,000 sq. mt. area of land which is no less […] Continue reading →

‘The fall of a Sparrow’, was a title that legend Salim Ali rightfully gave to one of his well acclaimed works on the birds and unsurprisingly his prophecy turned out to be a phenomenon all over. The sparrow lost its count worldwide, 62% fall in numbers in just 25 years. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not just the urbanization that is the root cause of alarming fall in the numbers of the sparrow, once most common bird in urban areas. The innovative modern architecture and speedy […] Continue reading →

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