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The Corbett National Park trip this year in November 2012 was an awesome one and I am at loss of words here as I find that there is no room for narration owing to the overwhelming and enthralling feeling. This was the longest feline sighting I ever had in all these years ever since I enrolled myself as a student of nature and choose the Corbett National Park as my classroom on the subject of ‘Tiger’ (Panthera tigris tigris). Accompanied by three friends, all novices when it comes to […] Continue reading →

To me the proposed ban on tourism in tiger infested sanctuaries and national parks is a dangerous idea. Having said that, I agree to the fact that tourism in these areas at times has its own disadvantages owing to disturbances, littering and harassment to the denizens of the wild by the tourists, but if banned totally it will have disastrous consequences. Wildlife tourism in India is a sensitive issue as consequent governments have faced international criticism owing to the policies […] Continue reading →

To begin with, it’s a matter of pride to be invited by the Forest Department, Baroda to participate in the Leopard census around the Jambughoda Range roughly 80 Kms from Baroda city. I reached ‘Kada Dam’ forest bungalow at 4.30 pm on the 26th May. Mr. Vadasola, forest officer, who was expecting me later introduced to the D.F.O. Mr. Tipre there and I was then immediately placed at a ‘point’ at ‘Vav’ village of Jambughoda. I rode 10 Kms back to Vav where I was received by […] Continue reading →

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