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Often certain unsung folklore’s lie wrapped up, dusted and hidden in the annals of wildlife and environmental library. Either they are soft targets owing to the polity of the area or they are too small and feeble to fight for a share they deserve as in recognition. The ‘Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary’ is one such untold ‘success’ story. Fortunately it now seems that this ‘minnow’ is carving a niche for itself on the National map amongst the big-wigs. Declared as a Wildlife […] Continue reading →

‘Coexistence with the wild’ has been a human way of life for thousands of years now, or if I may be allowed to pen it better it would be, ‘encroachment’ in the wild territory has been a human tendency. The richness of forests blended with mystery has for thousands of years down the line enticed humans and despite the potential threat of human-animal conflict and fatal losses owing to the encounters with denizens of the forests, the forests have proved to be too enticing, tempting […] Continue reading →

Wildlife and Environment Conservation or Activism, as of that matter is not a subject that can be learned in a classroom or from others, nor can it be blindly followed through a diktat. It is a slow self educating process and comes through one’s own love for the nature and the wild in addition to the interest for the subject. If not self taught, it is an inner voice that is very close to what Gautam Buddha heard on his way to ‘Enlightenment’ or Prophet Mohammad heard in the cave of […] Continue reading →

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